Juan Vidal SS14 Marguerite Backstage


Tomorrow and sunday I'll be in Madrid covering award-wining designer Juan Vidal's fitting and backstage for Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week. I've been working with him since 2010 in a variety of settings ranging from high-end production campaigns to lookbooks to backstage stuff.
I guess if I had never worked with Juan I would have never learned a couple of things about fashion. The REAL fashion, not just the glamoury stuff everyone can see. The inner- workings of fashion are actually fascinating and extremely demanding. We all think it's easy to look gorgeous when the outfit rocks and the model is 90-60-90, but it's not. "Fitting" is key to that illusion that these models were made for these dresses. This is the process in which all the outfits are tried on tons of models and the designer and it's team note down which ones look better on each model and whether that particular outfit may need some "fine-tuning" to fit a certain model (yeah! surprise, they're not all 90-60-90!).
The "fitting" with Juan can be extenuating. No wonder everything ends up looking perfect on the catwalk! We're talking about trying outfits for hours on end until the whole collection is ready for the show!

So yeah, I'm glad to have had the privilege over the years of being present in these events and being able to document them.
Somehow I never showed any of these shots from last september's Marguerite SS14 collection. I tend to keep 99% of the photos I take to myself, which I know sucks. Currently trying to overcome this "handicap" ;)
Context-wise: it was Juan ''s first time in the main catwalk for Madrid Fashion week, as a part of the prize he got for winning Vogue's "Who's On Next?" competition. What caught us all by surprise was the fact that he won Best Collection for SS14! Not young designers, overall BEST collection! That explains for some of the champagne shots :P

For the camera geeks this was all shot with Contax 645, Contax G1, Zenit B and Canon EOS 5 cameras using Kodak Portra 800 for color and TriX 400 at 1600 for black and white. Developed and scanned at Carmencita Film Lab.



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